Working With Unions

Dealing with a union can be challenging.

At Rastin & Associates, we have a wealth of experience working with employers who are unionized and those who are the target of a union certification drive.

We would be happy to discuss any issues you may be having with your union, and provide you with strategies to deal with the problems efficiently, while fostering your ongoing relationship with the union representatives and your employees.

Unions - Certification

When a Union comes knocking on your door, and tries to persuade your employees that they would be better off unionized, it can be frustrating to say the least.

Despite this frustration, however, employers must be very careful in what they do and say to their employees regarding the union.

For example, a recent decision of the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) ordered an automatic certification of a workplace after finding that the employer unfairly interfered with the union drive. In that case, the employer told its employees that if the plant was unionized, there was a risk that the company would simply shut the plant down, and everyone would lose their jobs.

In that case, the employer sent letters to the employees about the union, and the OLRB concluded that the contents of the letters over stepped what was allowable, and concluded that this unfairly influenced how the employees would vote.

It is clear that employees are entitled to be free from threats, intimidation and coercion from their employer during union drives, but the examples of what is okay and what is expressly forbidden can be a bit of a grey area. Contact us and we can help to guide you through the red tape and help you to decide what response to a union drive is appropriate for your company.

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