WSIB Issues and Compliance

The law requires that most companies in Ontario must register with the WSIB within 10 days of hiring their first employee. Although most employers are required to have WSIB coverage, there are some industries in which coverage is optional, rather than mandatory.

If you are covered by WSIB, there are strict rules governing how and when you report workplace illness and injuries. Something as simple as filing a report late can be met with massive fines.

It is very easy to get lost in the maze of WSIB requirements – if this is the case with your company, give us a call, as we can help you to decide the best course of action.

WSIB Workwell Audit

The Workplace Safety Insurance Board’s (WSIB) Workwell Audit is a review of all parts of your company’s health and safety plan - including policies, standards, training, records, and performance.

You are usually provided with written warning that a WSIB Workwell Audit is going to take place. The process generally involves a representative of the WSIB attending at your company, and asking both the management and the employees a series of questions. They will also ask to see various documents and occasionally, ask for safety demonstrations. After these assessments are complete, a report is provided to the employer, which indicates the strengths in health and safety and identify areas requiring improvement.

Companies that do not achieve a passing score of 75% are given six months to improve before a re-evaluation. Failure to pass the second evaluation can result in additional premium charges up to 75% of your current annual WSIB premiums.

Although it is best to ensure that your company meets its obligations under the WSIB legislation before you are audited, if you have been put on notice of a pending Workwell Audit, or have already been audited and have failed, give us a call. We have experience drafting appropriate policies and procedures and can assist you in passing the audit.

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